So Why D.C. Anyways?

Well, it really is pretty simple. In 1997, GGA was approached by one of it’s local New England customers to bid a high profile project for them in Washington, D.C., the Italian Embassy. The project was of a size and scope well within our means that could also handle the burden of cost to send some of our own manpower to the area to assist the local crews we were able to put together. The price was right, the job went very well and we’ve been there ever since.

We’ve come a long way since then of course. We have a full team of management personnel in our Capitol Heights, MD office with their own full time labor force to ensure that the work we do in that market is fully in our control. With the DC market being as robust as it is, on any given year the share of work in that region accounts for between 40% and 60% of the company’s total business. D.C. is no part time endeavor for GGA, we’re constantly finding ways to improve our business and relationships there, much the same as we do in our New England market. If you’re a new customer of ours in the area, you can rest assured we are fully vested and committed to the region. Just ask anyone of our local employees or repeat customers.


In 1997, Southwest Airline's $49 one way flights from Manchester to Baltimore is really what made it feasible to supplement the local crews with our own men when things were just getting started for GGA in the DC region.