Our History

Because so much of what makes a company is it’s people, it’s safe to say that our history goes well beyond even the start of the company. In 1990, Galaxy Glass & Aluminum, Inc. (GGA) got it’s start in a small garage in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It recruited some key personnel from a local company that had succumbed to the market crash. Together they climbed their way up the industry ladder earning a healthy reputation by proving their abilities through action and determination… A strength that would follow them throughout their history to present day. The Principles of the company continued to surround themselves with quality, like minded professionals as they built strong relationships with repeat customers.

GGA has come a long way since that garage in Wellesley, MA with a few stops along the way. Today we have a fully staffed satellite office in Maryland to service the DC Metro area and our headquarters currently resides in Manchester, NH at a custom built 40,000+ sq. ft. office/warehouse building which also houses our full service fabrication facility. Take a look at our headquarters HERE.



One of the things that sets GGA apart from our competition is our large scope of services. In the market today, it’s all about value adding. With the core of our services resting in aluminum curtain wall, storefront, window and entrance construction, we’ve branched off to pick up countless other services.

  • Aluminum paneling¬†(composite, plate, insulated, ornamental)
  • Structural glass (walls, doors, canopies, railings, enclosures, floors)
  • Skylights
  • Specialty entrances (sliding, revolving, balanced)
  • Rain-screen cladding (aluminum, terracotta)
  • Sun-control (sunshades, grilles, louvers, ornamental fins)
  • Interior finishes (counters, shelves, decorative structures, mirrors, display surfaces)
  • Blast products
  • Fire products
  • Etc… the list goes on…

Keeping an open mind, there’s not much we haven’t done or considered… who knows what will be next?


"If you're in this business for more than two years, you're in it for life."

-A Wise Glazier